Sunday, November 09, 2008

bonitas non est pessimis esse meliorem[It is not goodness to be better than the worst]

Today really isn't my day is it?

S called again and I think it was pretty obvious that I couldn't wait to get rid of her sooner. How rude am I, eh?

I don't want to go to khane tonight. In the state I'm in, every little thing is getting to me. I'll be in a room full of people, all staring me down.

The dragon's affair came out in to the open finally. The wife found out and both the dragon and her boyfriend had to quite the Golden Jubilee committee they were in.

I can defintely see myself like that when I'm older. Sleeping around, ruining marriages.

What exactly happened to monogamy? To the fairytale lives some couples live?

I feel empty inside. I'm not even excited about the visit from The Aga Khan.

I'm a horrible person. So them, why am I alive?

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