Thursday, November 13, 2008

cave quid dicis, quando, et cui [Beware of what you say, when, and to whom]

Oh man oh man. What a horrible day.

It started out good, as all days do, but it just kept getting worse.

Bre was upset today, one of those days I guess.

For me, everything was fine until third period. I felt so down, ignored and unwanted. Horrible thoughts were going through my mind. This proceeded at work where I bawled for a few hours.

A coworker was having a similar day. I hate when someone else is upset at the same time I am. So I had the choice of being emotional with her, or changing my attitude for a while and cheering up. I chose the latter.

What better way to feel good than some good ol' flirting and joking around. Which is exactly what I did.

Remember the work guy I wrote about a while ago? Well him and I chatted a bit.

What is it about guys knowing exactly what to say? Are us woman really that predictable?

When we were talking, he mentioned how hard this guy works. I replied with "yes, unlike you who sits around doing nothing."

His response? "I get distracted."

When I asked by what, he wouldn't reply and just told me to think about it.

I'm not stupid, I knew he was talking about me. What I find hilarious is that he had the audacity to do that just a few seconds after we finished talking about him being a player.

Men! Honestly! What do they take us for? Blonde bimbos?

I had a really nice chat with my manager though. She is such an awesome woman. She mentioned how gorgeous she thinks I am and that she would feel like she was the luckiest woman if I were her daughter.

I wanted to say that I have no personality and I'm a horrible daughter. I've learned to agree with what people say, at least to their face.


To make the day worse, the Oilers are losing horribly!

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