Monday, November 03, 2008

That was quite a show; very entertaining;; but it's over now; so go one and take a bow

Remember when I said I'm horrible with boys? Well I wasn't lying.

Sunday was absolutely horrible-on my part at least. We didn't talk or even look at each other.

Oh wait! The phone call first. Well, it was awkward and a bit boring. I sort of fell asleep in the middle. I think he realized that because he told me to go to bed and he'd talk to me the next day.

That obviously didn't happen.

After talking to mutual friends, I realized that the only thing that really got to me was the attention. Aside from that, there's nothing. So at lunch today I went shopping and released the little feelings I had left.

Sure I can still flirt around with him, but I'll remember to keep my guard up at all times.

I let out a lot of my frustrations this morning. I woke up angry, tired, and cranky. I got a ride from my mother and made it a point to not even open my mouth.

At school I did some homework and studied for my math exam. That's when things got really out of hand.

Every time we have an exam or essay or some sort of big assignment thing, Bre gets really worked up. She becomes aggressive and makes me feel like a retard.

I flipped out at her and told her she can't expect to treat me like that and get away with it. She felt bad which in turn made me feel bad.

Gah! I hate people. I'm so much more happier alone. ... With money. ... Able to shop.

Speaking of shopping, it's what I'm doing on one of the days of my 5-day long weekend. Hopefully I can get someone to give me some money.

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