Monday, December 01, 2008

Once you move forward you can't go back; best prepare to remove your past.

I fell for him.

I think about him constantly, and I'm always smiling. It takes so much effort to not text or call.

Saturday I was at work all day and he called around 5:30pm. I didn't feel it vibrate, until I checked my phone an hour later. When I called back he said he called just to say hi and that he'd call later that night.

Sunday I was at work all day and when I got home I got a text saying he watched the Oilers game just for me. I called him a few minutes later saying that we wouldn't be able to talk that night because I was going out. He sounded upset.

When I called three hours later, he was sleeping. I told him to go back to sleep, but he didn't want to stop talking to me.

I don't know where this is going, or what it is.

I mean, we talk every night, but what about during the day? Does he even think of me? Am I just another girl?


It's my birthday tomorrow. Sweet 17. Not too excited. I rather be turning 18. Can't have it all I guess.

There's no snow on the ground, just really windy. It doesn't feel like December.

I'm going to go watch TV, maybe that will help my boy situation.

God, I really want to talk to him right now.

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